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Emboidery is one of my favorite hobbies because the materials you need are so inexpensive and it's easy to tote a project around with you. I've been embroidering in some form forever; I remember having those little cross-stitch kits are a kid. Now I've moved on to freeform embroidy, which I love because you can use almost any pattern you can imagine. My most prolific theme has been the Internet Memes, the patterns for some of which can be purchased here. I'd like to say I did these as a social commentary on the pervasion of technology and how the sense of community that was once found in embroidery and quilting circles we now find electronically. But really, I just wanted to do an adorable embroidery of Two Girls, One Cup and Lolrus. While I like to do other unexpected themes, like tattoo flash art and naughty words, I enjoy more traditional iron-on patterns, as well.

2 girls, 1 cup embroidery

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